At TCF we act as a central hub connecting activists, support groups, lawyers, psychologists and donors with the refugees and asylum seekers around the world.

TCF has inherited the responsibility of supporting refugees and asylum seekers from our previous and now retired NGO, CodenameAct. At CodenameAct charity our focus was assisting most vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers in Turkey and Greece but with the establishment of TCF in Germany and together with our new members and member organizations we are now expanding our activities to other countries. We are in Cuba, Germany, UK, France, Sweden, Turkey, Hungary, Greece, Georgia, Iraq, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia and the list of the countries to which we are offering our services is expanding.

At the heart of our activities is the maintenance of several lists of activists, donors, lawyers and therapists with the shared concern of the protection of the rights of refugees and asylum seekers.

We provide secure technological tools for online psychological counselling sessions, commission local therapists directly and cover the therapy costs.

We find expert lawyers and assign the refugees' and asylum seekers' cases to them. We monitor these procedures from the beginning to the end and make sure of the quality of the services.

We offer financial support to refugees and asylum seekers who are in precarious situations i.e when they have no food or cannot pay their rent. We especially focus on the LGBTQ+ community and primarily transsexuals but children, people with illnesses and single women are also on our priority list. We keep a constantly updated list of the most vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers. We create this list with the help of our members and member organizations that are in contact with refugees in different places of the world and also through our forms which are available here:

This way we can directly connect donors and refugees from around the world, while respecting their dignity and privacy.