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Transnational Community Federation e.V. (TCF) is a non-profit, non-governmental heterarchical civic innovation lab. With our interdisciplinary approach and belief in the power of minorities, we bring about positive changes in our communities around the world. We are active in various fields including promotion of education, democratic systems and demarginalisation.

LGBTQ Voices

In our Refugees Support department, we have several groups including LGBTQ Voices. Here we focus on assisting the most vulnerable members of L...

University in Exile 2022

People who are forced to leave their countries do not stop caring for their societies and their homeland once they cross a border. While struggling to settle in new countries, they often lack the resources, a network an...

Digital Democracy

In this project, we develop apps and platforms for political participation, deliberation, and networking. To inform yourself more about our project head out to

Supporting Refugees

At TCF we act as a central hub connecting activists, support groups, lawyers, psychologists and donors with the refugees and asylum see...

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About Us

Transnational Community Federation e. V. is a heterarchical non-profit and non-governmental organisation registered in Göttingen, Germany. We started in September 2021 with the goal to change the world with innovative ideas aimed at promotion of education, democratic systems, and demarginalisation.

We are a group of people who believe that every one of us can play a role in changing the world. Our members are spread all over the globe from Malaysia, to India, Europe and the USA.  

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Meet some of our members here:

Shankhu Toppo
An undergrad student and film assistant who makes promotional videos & assists documentary filmmakers, especially in the fields of human rights and social justice.
Gisela Schulz
My motives for getting involved are manifold. I want to live in a world that is characterized by a humanistic way of life and view. Environment and nature are of course part of it. My interests are: peace, disarmament, democracy, I am against poverty and exploitation, and for environment and animal protection.
Marlene Neumann
The social scientist in the field of migration studies believes in the power of collaboration and positive change
Arman Torkzaban
Techie wonders constantly about how new technologies can benefit societies and make them more inclusive

Transnational Community Federation e.V. - VR 725308 Hieberstraße 11, 74076 Heilbronn, Germany e-mail us